Offers and holiday of the Island Of Elba, Hotel - Hotel Capo di Stella

Where we are


In Roman times it was known by the name of Caput Liberum. Today Capoliveri is a charming village, appreciated by many foreign and Italian tourists, with an enviable position overlooking the Gulf of Lacona, Golfo Stella and Porto Azzurro. Originally constructed as an Etruscan hilltop fortress, possibly with even earlier origins, the whole town is gathered around the top of a hill with a strategically position from where it was possible to control the west and the south and from the highest places even the north with Portoferraio. Built within old town walls, Capoliveri has a geometric form, typical of the Latin building tradition. In the Medieval the town was expanded around the main square and the nowadays called “Via Roma”, which is the main street as well as the highest street, from which all the other back streets and squares branches off. Even today, “Via Roma” buzzes with life during the summer months.

Lacona beach

Originally a lake (hence the name) and more than a kilometer in length, it is second in size after the beach of Marina di Campo. A sandy beach protected by a wide gulf (exposed only to warm southern winds) with sand dunes in the back inside the National Park of the Tuscan Archipel. The beach has many points of access and offer all you could wish for sunbathing and water sports. If you are travelling with children Lacona with its shallow shore and bride sand is a true paradise. The guests of our Hotel will enjoy this beautiful beach that is just a short drive away from us.

Margidore beach

This is a wide beach, a mixture of dark pebble and sand, overlooking Golfo Stella. Fairly sheltered and a well-equipped landing place for pleasure boats. Not very well sign-posted yet easily reached along a short slip road. The guests of the Hotel Capo di Stella can easily reach this beach along a short path (approx 350m) leading directly from the hotel car park to the beach.

Capo Stella

The long outcrop separating the gulfs of Stella and Lacona is mainly high and rocky. However, the tiny streams that run across it towards the sea open up into enchanting coves. Almost all are pebble and shingle and fairly exposed. They are hidden between the surrounding outcrops and are therefore quiet and secluded. Easily reached by boat, some also by footpath, usually private and not easily reached by foot: the roads on Capo Stella are not open to traffic.

Norsi Beach

Fascinating beach, renowned for its black sand and surrounding coastline, particularly breathtaking are its crystalline waters that reflect the brilliant green of the surrounding vegetation.


Our hotel agrees to promote tariff Moby/Toremar to the island of Elba: ask us how to access the special rates for the ferry!