Offers and holiday of the Island Of Elba, Hotel - Hotel Capo di Stella

There is no need to be a sportsman to take part in our excursions which we offer free of charge from half June to half September to all our clients – young and old. On our simple tours you will be accompanied by our environmental specialist guides who do their jobs with great love and care since they simply love this wonderful and fascinating island as we do.
Nature and sea are very important on this Island which by its inhabitants is also called “Scoglio” (rock). You will find a unique variety of biodiversity which changes quickly if you move on earth or underwater. Hiking, swimming or paddling in the sea - you will discover the history of this marvelous place which is not only referred to Napoleon but mainly to the ancient population, the traditions and the simple daily life of man and their achievements, in between history and legends. You will find ancient fortresses, old military posts, roman pillars and wrecks which now are populated by fishes and rich marine fauna. You will admire hidden places and every time you will live unique and unforgettable moments.

Please find some examples of our free tours:

Snorkeling in Capo di Stella.

Departure from Hotel Capo di Stella in Lacona
There are many possibilities of snorkeling in the Stella Gulf at the beaches Acquarilli, Norsi, Margidore and Laconella. We will dive in the crystal clear water to observe the uncontaminated ocean floor. Adults as well as children will love the biodiversity of our territory.

Full day Trekking and snorkeling.

Departure from Hotel Mistral in Marina di Campo.
A wonderful adventure to discover some secret places on our Island! From Marina di Campo we will drive to Pomonte where we will snorkel nearby the wrack of a small iron ship which sank there in 1972. The wreck is now a habitat of thousands of fishes and you will feel like bathing in a real aquarium. Once we have finished snorkeling we will have our packet lunch in Marciana, a small medieval village 400 m above sea level. We then walk to the sanctuary “Madonna del Monte” where we will have a short break before returning to the village.


Departure from the beach in Marina di Campo, Loc. La Foce.
On our kayak trip - also suitable for beginners - we will explore the Fonza Bay, Punta le Mete and silently float at the rhythm of nature towards the colonies of seagulls. During our tour we will have a break for a relaxing swim nearby the gravel beach “Ripa nera”.

On all our tours you will be accompanied by the specialist environmental guides of the hiking center “Il Viottolo”.